top-ten-chargerFor the second month in a row internet buyers are showing a preference for Mopar muscle cars. Once again, the Dodge Charger took the No. 1 spot on our “Top Ten Most Popular” list for muscle cars, as it claimed 25 percent of internet searches (See our Mopar Section). Each month the Cars On Line staff analyzes statistics from Google and Bing search engines in order to understand online consumer trends. This month it appeared as if internet buyers were on the hunt for Mopars. Dodge Challengers jumped to the No. 2 spot on our Top Ten list, up two spots from last month. And you’ll notice that Pontiac GTOs are now in 4th place, also up two spots from the previous month. See more below.

Classic Cars
Rank Car % of Buyers
1 Ford 21%
2 Oldsmobile 6%
3 Packard 6%
4 Chevrolet 5%
5 Nash 5%
6 Studebaker 5%
7 Rolls Royce 4%
8 International 3%
9 Dodge 2%
10 AMC 2%
Muscle Cars
Rank Car % of Buyers
1 Dodge Charger 35%
2 Dodge Challenger 20%
3 Camaro 9%
4 Pontiac GTO 7%
5 Corvette 5%
6 Chevelle 4%
7 Shelby Mustang 3%
8 Chevy Nova 2%
9 Oldsmobile 442 1%
10 Mercury Cougar 1%

It was no surprise to see classic Fords ranked No. 1 again on our Top Ten Most Popular classic car list. According to Google and Bing statistics, 21 percent of internet buyers in search of classic cars were in pursuit of something built by Ford (See our Ford Section). Drilling down into the numbers, it appeared as if the Ford Model A was the most often searched Ford product on the internet. Ford Model A’s were so popular that they made up eight percent of the searches for classic vehicles this month. In a surprise move, Oldsmobile and Packard claimed the No.2 and No. 3 spots, respectively. Both jumped up five spots from last month. Chevrolet took 4th place on the list. Chevy’s most popular model among internet buyers was the late 1950s Impala. And despite its building popularity in previous months, International dropped to No. 8 on the list, down six spots from last month.


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