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Check out the recently SOLD cars. Here are some of the comments from happy sellers who were nice enough to tell us about their experience advertising on the Cars On Line website.

“Cars On Line is probably the easiest to use and most reliable low maintenance service I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with,” said Sully Erna of the rock group Godsmack when he notified us that his 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe had SOLD through his Cars On Line ad. “It is super easy to use, no pain in the neck junk mails blowing up your email, and very reasonably priced for their fee. I highly recommend it!!”

Jeff K, a happy customer who sold three cars on the Cars On website recently called us to tell us what a great job we do. “Cars On Line is the absolute best place to sell these types of cars,” he told us as he notified us that he sold his Plymouth Road Runner and his Willys. He said, “No one else sells like you guys do, and everyone I know gets tons of hits and sells their cars on your site.” He also commented that he had a little bet going with a friend of his to see who had the most hits on their cars when they placed them on Cars On The hit counter on the bottom of each ad gives you bragging rights. He said his friend also sold three out of five cars he has listed with us.

A collector from Commack, New York notified us that he had SOLD his 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T through a Cars On Line Run Till Sold ad. “Excellent response,” he commented. “Sold 2 cars through Cars On Line recently. Also your customer service is the best, very professional and friendly. The best classic car site out there.”

“We have always bought and sold antique cars locally in the Midwest,” Damon W out of Mackinaw, Illinois told us. He was impressed at the reach that Cars On gave him in the greater market. “By using your service, our ’50 Mercury is SOLD and now is in Sweden! Thanks for helping us make her an international gal.”

Nick from North Haven, Connecticut told us he SOLD his 1962 Ford Thunderbird using the unique Cars On Line SLIDE SHOW ad. “I was very happy with the results,” he told us. “Thought the SLIDE SHOW worked very well.”

A collector from the Washington, DC area told us he SOLD his 1969 Camaro RS/SS in just three weeks with a Run Till Sold ad on our website.

“This worked fine for me,” Charles from Edmonds, Washington told us when he SOLD his 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A with a Cars On Line ad. “Great rare cars that are fairly priced seem to always sell.”

Sold Through Cars On LineClick here to view a list of cars SOLD Thru Cars On Line during the past week.

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