1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier Pickup

1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier, classic pickup truck for saleBack in the day a work truck was a farm truck, ready to shoulder the heavy loads and tough enought to bang around on dirt roads. But in 1955 Chevrolet recognized that people were beginning to use pickup trucks differently and also recognized the need for creature comforts in this rugged old workhorses.

The 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier pickup truck changed everything. Chevrolet’s new “Task Force” styling included the wedge shapped headlight housings and a flatter, forward looking sweep. But the bold new look of the Panoramic wrap-around window was a styling cue that made everybody look. It had an airplane symbol styled hood ornament. Once inside you were treated to two-tone seating and an instrument panel that you never saw before in a pickup truck. The upgraded trim with foam padding, chrome dash knobs, cigar lighter, dual armrests and sunshades were an unexpected surprise for truck buyers. They were also available with the optional 265 V8 engine. For 1955, this was a truck buyers dream come true.

Classical Gas Enterprises has posted the vehicle you see here this week. They tell us the bed on this classic is done in a nice dark wood that has a beautiful shine. In between each board are polished stainless pieces that have a mirror like finish. They point out the spare tire storage in the middle of the rear bumper and the retractable cable operated tailgate with dual latches. They say the 265 V8 under the hood is period correct. The engine compartment has been upgraded with chrome and billet, including a billet compressor for the added air conditioning.

Note the condition of this ’55 Cameo Carrier. You may find one with more original equipement than this one. But we bet you won’t find one at this price. Classical Gas Enterprises says the price is just $29,950. The average value on top show quality Cameos is above $40,000. Here is one you can drive and be proud of.

This vehicle has been SOLD.

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