1940 Ford Coupe, Street Rods


“I’d like to show you a 1940 Ford Standard Coupe,” begins the seller regarding his gorgeous silver and purple street rod.  You’ll notice a personable attitude in this seller that is inviting and comfortable. This is a car guy who’s showing off the product of his hobby and it’s a welcome addition to the feel of the video. He starts by driving up and then briefly going over the exterior features, like the all-steel body and fiberglass running boards, custom painted with PPG paint and gelcoat. He’s even nice enough to disclose the tiny scratch the window has sustained, though it’s barely large enough to be seen on camera and doesn’t leak. He then demonstrates the remote windows, opens the door, takes us in and explains some of the customizations.

The roofline has been dropped to make room for the air conditioning, which has its ventilation increased thanks to front and rear vents. The two front vents also provide defrosting. He concludes the video by making an invitation to call him with additional questions. Visit the SLIDE SHOW ad for more information, or see it in person in Germantown, Wisconsin!

This car has been SOLD.

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