1964 Pontiac Catalina 421 Tripower, Classic Muscle Car

1964 Pontiac Catalina 421 Tripower

In 1961, Pontiac came out with the Super Duty 421 big block engine and it became the scourge of NASCAR. A full 21 of the 52 races that year were won by drivers like Fireball Roberts, Junior Johnson and David Pearson all running the Pontiac Catalina with the 421 ci Super Duty engine produing 405 horsepower. By 1964 the full sized Catalina was offered in a 2+2 model. Vitually all of them were produced with the Hydramatic transmissions. Only a handful were 4-speeds. Today these 4-speed cars are very desirable for collectors.

That’s what makes this Marimba red 1964 Pontiac Catalina 421 Tripower so interesting. Classic Cars of Sarasota tells us it is an actual 4-speed car. “You will not find a finer example of this very rare Catalina,” Classic Cars of Sarasota tells us. “There are only 246 miles on it since it was completely restored body off. It is a true blue chip investment.” They tell us that this is an original factory 421 Tripower 4-speed car which was the personal car of the largest Pontiac dealer in Ohio back in the day. They further stated that all the casting dates are correct with a build date of 12-63.

What must be noted is that even though these Catalina 2+2’s dominated at the track, they were still fairly luxurious and came with plenty of creature comforts from the factory. In fact the name “2+2” was taken from European grand touring cars to denote a special interior package for Pontiac’s 1964 Catalina. It included special door panels, bucket seats and a center console.

They say that the entire car is original or correct. “Everything is in perfect working order with an original spare tire and jack in the trunk. It even has 8-lug Kelsey-Hayes wheels.” In the pictures the air cleaner on the car says 421 SD, although Pontiac stopped making the Super Duty 421 after 1963. The sticker is not meant to mislead anyone, it was one of the few reproduction decals available when the restoration was done.

Here is a rare find at an affordable price. When you consider that the ’61 through ’62 Super Duties are going for over $200,000 at the auctions, here is a real 421 Tripower Pontiac at an extreme discount. It is a real find for the true Pontiac collector.

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  1. carol VanDerMeer April 19, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

    No such 421 SD Decal existed in 1961-63….They are a product of aftermarket companies trying to cash in on the 421 mystique!!

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