1933 Auburn 8-105 Cabriolet


E.L. Cord was an extravagant entrepreneur with holdings as diverse as Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg automobiles, Lycoming engines, New York shipbuilders and American Airways. Previous to Cord’s ownership the Auburn Automobile Company grew out of the Eckart Carriage Company, founded in 1875 in Auburn, Indiana. The Cord Corporation acquired it in 1926.

This 1933 Auburn 8-105 Boattail Speedster, finished in Periwinkle Blue and white, has a 268.6 ci inline 8-cylinder engine rated at 100 horsepower coupled to a 3-speed manual transmission with vacuum two-speed rear axle and four-wheel drum brakes with a 127″ wheelbase. These were extremely well designed cars, known for their Art Deco design, and built with the best engineering and craftsmanship. Try an find another 1933 8-105 Cabriolet. They are distinguishable for their stylized fenders and lighting. These are very rare. Only 259 were produced of which 129 were Cabriolets. This one has been described as a very dependable touring car.

It sports an older, high-quality restoration of its original Auburn chassis, engine and original body that was restyled from the cowl on back by Glenn Pray, the designer and builder of the Auburn 866 Speedsters. He gave it the boattail look. Since that time, the car has been immaculately preserved and well maintained in all aspects. Accessories include a rare factory tachometer, wooden artillery wheels, a very early turn signal conversion correct to the period and the black disappearing convertible top. Raising the hood reveals the detailed engine compartment, with the car powered by the correct original 268.6 cubic inch Lycoming straight 8, 100 hp engine.

Interestingly, Glen Pray, a noted builder of reproductions, restored this car with the help of the original designer, the legendary Gordon Buehrig. This vehicle is currently being offered out of a private collection in Nevada. It is a rare opportunity to ad a top quality piece to your collection.

This car has been SOLD.

This 1933 Auburn 8-105 Boattail Speedster was featured in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to read it!

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