Batmobile TV Show Replica


“Holy Jackpot, Batman!” Why let a red velvet rope keep you from having some good old-fashioned Bat-fun? This Batmobile TV Replica is your chance to own what the seller says is one of the top 4 TV Batmobile replicas in the country. It’s been built from the frame up, with working Bat regalia and afterburner. You might think that something like this wouldn’t be street legal, but the current owner assures us it’s been fully inspected and can be driven to your heart’s content! You won’t find another Batmobile like this one, except in a museum or private collection.

To reproduce a car like this would take far more than the asking price, not to mention the countless hours of work. The #1 Batman TV Show Batmobile just sold at auction for $4.2 million! This is “the sole best driving experience ever,” according to the seller. There aren’t many cars like this that can help you live a fantasy. It’s in Nashville, Tennessee, waiting to find a new Batcave to call home!

This car has been SOLD.

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