1966 Mustang Pro Touring by the Ringbrothers

1966 Mustang Pro Touring

When it comes to pushing the limits of both performance and aesthetics, it’s safe to say the reign of Mike and Jim Ring is upon us. Over the past several years, the Ring brothers have made an art out of building stunning hot rods, like this killer 1966 Mustang, that edge ever closer to a perfect balance of raw street prowess and lethal curb appeal. And naturally, the hobby is reacting favorably to that quest, with two of their most recent customs leaving Barrett-Jackson for $286K and $346K respectively. Are you looking for a mind blowing pro-tourer that’s both impressive and unique? This take-no-prisoners pony car is your ticket to classic car greatness!

If you check their website you’ll notice this 1966 Mustang Pro Touring Fastback shown here is listed as one of their signature builds. They call it “Bailout.” (The Ringbrothers always name their builds. Another signature of their craft.) The custom designed phenom is a racer at heart with a Keith Craft 351 small block turned out to a 427 ci Windsor stroker producing 602 horsepower. It uses a Dart iron block, 4.125-inch bore 4.00-inch stroke, Eagle steel crank and 6.250-inch H-beam rods, Mahle forged pistons and Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam.

But the Ringbrothers are fabricators who build startling beauty out of cold steel. They feature their talents here in this build, making their own billett and one-off pieces. The staggered taillight is a good example. (Be sure to click through to the ad to see dozens of up-close photos.) The whole rear valance is a lession in body sculpting. The spartan “bolt-on” look on the hood and interior shows it to be a road warrior.

The “Stimulous blue” paint was applied by Ringbrothers with basecoat/clearcoat finish. Notice the little tweaks, like a carbon-fiber roof panel, blacked out window trim, billet cowl vents, billet taillight bezels, custom hand-formed front and rear valances. The rear bumper is tucked to the body. Exhaust exits through the lower quarter-panel. The extended rocker panels and reworked larger wheel openings are very subtle modifications.

This car has been SOLD.

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