1966 Pontiac GTO


One of the top ten muscle cars of all time is the Pontiac GTO. Many consider it to be the first muscle car, the one that started the ferver in the muscle car era. Today we couldn’t wait to show you this 1966 Pontiac GTO from Dubuque, Iowa. The reason we couldn’t wait to show it to you is because we were afraid it might sell so fast we would not be able to feature it here in the newsletter. The seller commented that it looks good for a “driver” quality car, and he says its fast. It has a 389 big block with an automatic transmission and air conditioning, a very desirable option for ’66. He says the 389 engine gives enough torque to overpower the rear tires with a mere touch of the throttle. It will be our DEAL of the DAY on Saturday. The seller is asking just $24,999. Think about it. A GTO for under $25,000! Hurry!

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