1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE

1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE

More Mopars, please! Come to Daddy. A  1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE with Plum Crazy Purple paint and original 440 Magnum engine was posted on our Facebook page over the 4th of July weekend. Click through to see some of the comments.

Just another Mopar? Not so. When Mopar historian Galen Govier saw this 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE in 2010 he immediately knew something was different about this car. With all the options and the special color it dawned on him that this was an executive car special ordered for a Chrysler VIP. The car was then purchased in the spring of 2005 from the original owner, says the seller from Huntington Beach, California. He says every body panel is original.

As it turns out, Govier told the current owner that this was an original Chrysler VIP car picked up directly at the Lynch Road plant. You can see the “LYNCH 101” stamp on the original warranty card. The owner said, “But when I showed him this warranty card he sort of freaked out and exclaimed, ‘Woah! This was an original Chrysler exec car and picked up directly at the plant!’ He then ran to the fender tag and said, ‘There should be a ‘Q’ right…there!’ and he pointed to the “Q” in the lower right of the fender tag (it’s the first digit in the “QOO823″ series above the VIN — ). I told him the original owner assumed it was a dealer demo car because it was so loaded up and the dealer sold it to him in March of 1971 with 9,200 miles (for the low-low price of $3,200, including license and registration — see the original Bill of Sale — those were the days, eh?).”

Click through to the Photo-Bucket of extra photos. Also, make sure you read the whole story written by the current owner to review all the parts of the car that are original. It’s amazing how original and loaded this car is.

But that’s not all. This car is listed among a number of fresh Mopars that have just come on the market for sale. Click here to find more in the Cars On Line newsletter. Or see thousands of Mopars for sale in the Cars On Line Mopar Muscle Car Section online.



Click through to the ad to see complete history with comments on Galen Govier’s reaction to the car: http://tinyurl.com/kgrub35

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