2009 Mosler Raptor GTR

2009 Mosler Raptor GTR

“I nail the throttle and the car erupts in a bass cacophony accompanied by a brutal shove of acceleration. I have a split second to think, ‘Hey, this is fast but controllable.’ Then the turbos hit. It’s like a bomb went off behind the rear bumper and we’re surfing the shockwave.” – Ezra Dyer, journalist for Automobile Magazine

The first Raptor GTR produced by Warren Mosler was a prototype which was built on a 2009 chassis but was not completed until 2011. Foreign Car Italia in Greensboro, North Carolina is now offering this 2009 Mosler Raptor GTR original prototype for sale. Mosler had anticipated building an American exotic car to rival Ferrari and Lamborghini. Besides this prototype, which you see here, he was able to produce only one regular production Raptor GTR, a black one that was introduced with much fanfare in 2012. Finished in Lamborghini orange paint with twill weave Carbon Fiber, the body is constructed of two layers of carbon fiber with Kevlar “sandwiched” in between.

Mosler is one of the world’s premier sports car manufacturers, based in Rivera Beach Florida. Constructing cars that have been sold in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Mosler is among the worlds leaders in composite automotive construction with decades of experience. By intelligent use of carbon, Kevlar and other composites the Raptor is said to be one of the safest designed exotic cars on the road today. Mosler Super Cars finished first in the annual Car & Driver Magazine Lightning Lap competition the last three years in a row. The competition is held at Virginia International Raceway.

It is said that Mosler used Trenne Technologies, Inc, to design and build the this promo car. An MT900 version of the car was crash tested by Trenne Technologies, Inc.

With performance the priority, the Raptor is powered by a 1,200 hp twin turbocharged custom built LS7 engine. The transmission is a Getrag 6-speed and the gear ratio are such that only one shift is required to achieve 60 mph and is achieved in 2.5 seconds! The suspension is inspired by a double wishbone design using chromoly control arms and racing heim joints with advanced adjustable shocks at all four corners. Braking is superior with 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers biting down on 14″ rotors.

The interior is best described as a cockpit. The teardrop shape gives the “pilot” the feeling he is controlling a jet fighter. Loaded with modern conveniences including air conditioning, power locks, power windows and backup camera displayed on the Pioneer touch screen, the interior is a cross between a luxury car and a jet fighter.

Built and titled on a 2009 chassis, the car was completed in August of 2011 with less than 100 test miles. Held back by the economic recession, Mosler’s timing might have been a little off for this venture. The only production model Raptor GTR was released in 2012. The promotion on the black 2012 Raptor GTR went out of its way to mention that it was faster than a Bugatti Veyron. That is quite some statement. So it seems that there are only two Raptors currently in existence. It may be as rare as the dinosaur it is named after. But for a collector this is a one-off opportunity to own a sure-fire car of collectible pedigree.

This car has been SOLD.

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