1971 Camaro RS Z/28


How many more examples of a 1971 Camaro RS Z/28 do you think are in existence today? The seller of this one thinks he could count the number remaining in this condition on both hands, and invites you to tour the car with him in video (watch the video below.) The video was taken on a brightly lit day, and the camera operator’s generous pans allow a good look at this sharp Z.

The tour includes the 1971 Camaro RS Z/28 interior and the trunk. All the while the seller is adding his own dialogue, describing his impressions of the car in his own words. When it’s time to start the engine, you are in the driver’s seat and see those gauges lurch to life as the engine begins to roar. We think the combination of the video along with a great selection of photos in the SLIDE SHOW ad is the perfect way to advertise a collector car for sale. Though built in California and driven in Texas, it’s now in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. If purchased in Canada, you should know there’s a 3-year warranty for the buyer. The seller is very honest as he shows the car, pointing out minor imperfections so as to give a proper perspective on the condition.

This car has been SOLD.

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