2013 Buick Nationals


South Bend, Indiana recently hosted the 2013 Buick Nationals. It was said to be one of their largest 1954 Buick Wildcat II Recreation turnouts to date! Click here to review our coverage of the event. One of the most interesting rides to come out for the event was a 1954 Buick Wildcat II Recreation (click link for more photos.) It was brought to the show by Ken Mitson from Scottsdale, Arizona. The Wildcat II was a concept car built by Buick in 1954 and only used to promote Buick’s space age advancements. Auto manufacturers liked to show off their capabilities after World War II. This Buick prototype featured a revolutionary front end design with “flying wing” front fenders that flared outward from a fiberglass body. Mitson’s replica of the Wildcat II is also built with a fiberglass body, and is powered by a 425 ci Buick Nailhead engine supported by a T-10 transmission, Imagine EFI fuel-injection and a C4 Corvette suspension.

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