1935 Graham 68


The 1935 Graham 68 listed by Streetside Classics in Atlanta, Georgia is one of only 68 believed to exist.

The Graham name may not be familiar, but in the 1930s they were known for building high-quality and quite stylish cars that cost about the same as a Buick. As an independent, they struggled to survive the Depression and because of that, they remain quite rare today. This big, black sedan is from perhaps the pinnacle of Graham’s styling prowess, a dramatic luxury car that presents a striking V-shaped grille and sweeping fenders to capture the true essence of 1930s motoring. It’s all steel and beautifully finished to show levels by Ronnie Black and the experts at Dixie Dream Rods where they’re famous for building unusual machines.¬†We’re told it may have taken well into six figures to build, and photographs are included to show you exactly where that money went.

This car has been SOLD.

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