Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada


It’s no wonder that this is where the world’s greatest car show found its home. In this valley in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains, kids grew up with cars as their culture. Street racing was easy to find out on the long flat highways at night. Cruising was a way of life. In this atmosphere is where the Hot August Nights, the World’s Largest Car Show happens each year. This year it is bigger than ever with an injection of added excitement as the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction is being held here for the first time.

1939-Ford-RoadsterIt is Cars On Line’s job to bring you all the action here this week. Click here to view our Hot August Nights page

We’ve already seen some of the cars at three of the big casinos and in the downtown Reno Show & Shine. Yesterday we saw the giant Hot August Nights Swap Meet and Car Corral at the county Livestock Center. Like everything else they do, it was almost too big to cover in one day.

Last night we watched the inaugural of the Barrett-Jackson Auction here at Hot August Nights. The first ever Barrett-Jackson Auction will run through Saturday, and is televised on SPEED TV. We have previewed some of the top cars at the show. Here is a link to our Barrett-Jackson Auction coverage.

Hot-August-Nights-Barrett-JacksonThe Barrett-Jackson people have started another new tradition here at Hot August Nights. For years there have been car show trophies given out by the Reno and Sparks area casinos for the top show cars that appear at the many Show & Shines around the area all week. But this year Barrett-Jackson will award the top overall winner with the first ever Jackson Cup Award. They hope to make the Jackson Cup synonymous with other great awards such as the Ridler Award and the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award. Click here to read more about the Jackson Cup on our Barrett-Jackson Auction page.

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