1970 Chevy Nova


We know this collector from Bedford, Virginia is highly regarded as a pretty good judge of Chevys. So when he listed this 1970 Chevy Nova street machine for sale we knew it was going 1970 Chevy Nova race carto be interesting. This one has seen its share of time at the race track. He says it has a 477 ci big block motor, 4-speed, street slicks, Kirkey seats and a roll bar. You wouldn’t buy this one to give to your kids to ride to school in this fall, but for a hot rodder who wants to have some fun at the track and drive it home, this one might be a bargain. The seller says it has a real solid body. Hurry and have it inspected. It will be our DEAL of the DAY right away on Saturday. The asking price is only $15,900.

This car has been SOLD.

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