1951 Mercury Lead Sled

1951 Mercury Custom Lead SledSome custom creations are just too elegant to be called just “hot rods.” They are often penned at the desk of a conceptual designer, their physical attributes precisely intended for a special effect. Such visually pleasing creations are the ilk of custom designers like Rick Dore of California. This week, Classic Car Marketing is offering one of Dore’s “over-the-top” custom builds, a  1951 Mercury Custom Lead Sled now featured in our Cars On Line.com newsletter.

Classic Car Marketing comes up with some of the highest quality collector cars in Southern California. Their consignors are often big time collectors who are serious players in the collector car hobby. Often Classic Car Marketing‘s  photography is done in studios or is so elequently photoshoped that their photos really stand out. When they listed this classic custom car for the newsletter this weekend the photos were oogled over by our Facebook fans. Click here to view the Facebook page.

With modern chassis and drive train, Dore had this one-off Custom Merc chopped, smoothed, shaved, and the body was nosed, decked, and unique hood vents with chrome spears were added. The trim was removed, and a set of hand-formed and flared fender skirts were fabricated, then flush-fitted. Smoothed bumpers, created from Cadillac components, with 53 Cadillac bumperettes, are devoid of any disruptions. All the bodywork was accomplished in metal and appears flawless. The iridescent lavender pearl finish by the legendary Art Himsl fades subtly from top to bottom and subtle ghost flames enhance the look.

Dore’s designs have been featured on the covers of Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Rod & Custom Magazine, Rodder’s Journal and numerous other international publications. He has also been featured and interviewed by many high profile television and online outlets including Speed Vision, ESPN, Web Rides TV.com, The Hot Rod Show and several others.

This car has been SOLD.

This is the star car of our Classic Customs feature in the newsletter this week. Click here to view more Classic Customs highlighted in the newsletter.  Or you may want to see literally hundreds of listings of custom cars in the Classic Customs Section of our website.

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