1955 Lincoln Capri 2-Dr Hardtop


We seldom find that our DEAL of the DAY cars are in better than No. 3 condition. However we often wonder what condition class they are in. For instance, this 1955 Lincoln Capri 2-Dr Hardtop is a very desirable classic ’50s Lincoln to own. This car is priced below $20,000. Here is the rub. If this car is better than a No. 3 condition class, better than a 10-footer, it is priced about right. But if this car could be considered a “tweener,” that is, between a No. 3 and a No. 2 condition class car it would be a real find. The car is being offered by Humpty Dumpty’s Classics in Sarasota, Florida. They tell us that is is a rust free car, but will need a restoration to be a true No. 2 car. What you really need is to have it inspected before you buy. But hurry! It will be our DEAL of the DAY next week. The price in the ad is $19,998.

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