1969 Camaro Z/28


True DZ302 with Cross Ram intake in the trunk

In 1969 when you ordered your Z/28 Camaro it arrived at the dealership with the DZ302 engine installed but the optional Cross Ram manifold and carburetors were in the trunk ready for the dealer to install them. For whatever reason, when this Hugger Orange 1969 Camaro Z/28 arrived at the dealership it was driven home by the owner before the cross ram was installed. To this day the Cross Ram and the carbs are still in the trunk and still in the wrapper just the way they were delivered from the factory.

The car you see pictured here is currently being offered for sale through Classical Gas Enterprises out of Texas. They tell us this 1969 Camaro Z/28 is all original except for the updated M22 Muncie Rock Crusher 4-speed. They say even the 12-bolt positract rear end with 410 gears and leaf springs are all original to the car. Click here to see a breakdown of all the original equipment that came with this Z/28. You’ll also see a photo of the undercarriage from the back. Very clean looking.

The Cross Ram intake is not only a thing of beauty to behold under the hood of a ’69 Camaro Z28, it was what many believe was the sole reason that Camaro won the SCCA Trans Am Championships in 1968 and 1969. With the Cross Ram intake in place atop the vaunted Camaro 302 small block, the dual quad carbs are said to have produced a whopping 458 hp at 7200 rpm! All Z/28s came with the DZ code 302 in 1969. There were over 20,000 built that year. But the Cross Ram option was a COPO 9737 special order which was not installed at the factory. The hood pins and lanyards were used on all Cross Ram fiberglass hooded cars. All were cowl induction.

This car has been SOLD.

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