1969 Chevy Nova Pro Street Video


Trust us, you don’t want to miss this week’s featured video(s) of a super cool 1969 Chevy Nova Pro Street. The seller provides us with two great videos, both of which take place at the drag strip! The first video gives us glimpse at the powerful big block engine is action, as the car goes 8.66s at 155 mph. The second video is much of the same, with the vehicle going 8.40s at 158 mph. Make sure you check out both, as each one is fun to watch! The SLIDE SHOW ad tells us the show-winning car is currently located in Waupun, Wisconsin, and it’s powered by a 13.5:1 nitrous motor with a Turbo 400 transmission. According to the seller, over $60,000 was invested in the car, and it features only the best parts money can buy – it even has working lights for street driving.

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This car has been SOLD.

This 1969 Chevy Nova Pro Street was a standout among the video listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Videos.

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