1995 Lortec Mercedes-Benz C1000


Have you ever dreamt of the car you would build if you had an unlimited budget? A United Arab Emirates Citizen decided to make his dreams a reality in 1995, and furnished a build cost of $3.4 million to create the 1995 Lortec Mercedes-Benz C1000 that will be resold at the RKM Collector Car Auction between October 31st and November 1st at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, California. It was build for one purpose, to be the fastest vehicle in the world. It reaches for that goal with a 5.6 liter twin-turbo Mercedes-Benz V8 engine, and can reach 60 miles-per-hour in only 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 268 miles-per-hour!

This car has been SOLD.

RKM Collecot Car Auctions has been listing dozens of top-quality cars that will be in attendance of the auction later this month. You can see them all in the most recent edition of the Cars On Line Newsletter! Click here now!

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