1950 Mercury Lead Sled “Lil Darlin” Video


Video is an excellent way to get closer to a car that’s too far away to see in-person, but when the car you’re watching is as stunningly gorgeous as the 1950 Mercury Lead Sled in the video Vanguard Motor Sales just put up, then you may just feel like you’re right there with it for the entire runtime. That’s easily the case in this video, as the simply incredible red paint and gleaming chrome couldn’t show better. The experienced host starts with information about the seller, including giving you a glimpse of their 20,000 square feet showroom. Then he starts the walk around, calling attention to details like the Desoto grille while giving us some information of the previous owner. We’re told this is a driver-proven Lead Sled that has a following in James Dean land, where a George Barris signature was collected on the firewall. Any buyer will appreciate the tour of the undercarriage too, where Vanguard Motor Sales puts this car up and points out every feature visible on the underside. Then we get to go for a ride-along. You can almost feel what it would be like to drive it. Watch it here, or visit it in-person in Plymouth, Michigan!

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This car has been SOLD.

This 1950 Mercury Lead Sled was a standout among the video listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Videos.

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