1963 Dodge 330 Factory Lightweight


Rare 426 Max Wedge Stage III Original Super Stock

In 1963 Dodge and Plymouth began a long era of dominance as the 426 Max Wedge “Ramcharger” engine and Al Eckstrand won the NHRA Super Stock championship at the Winternationals. The “Lightweight” cars designed by Chrysler engineers came to dominate. Beginning with a thin gauge steel body, they replaced the lower front body, splash pan, hood, 1963 Dodge 330 Factory Lightweight 426 Max Wedgehood scoops and front fenders with aluminum components. Radio, heater, sound deadener and undercoating were delete. The front fenders trembled as the big 426 Max Wedge powered S/SA cars car came up to the line.

That is the era when this 1963 Dodge 330 Factory Lightweight Stage III Max Wedge powered Mopar came to play. The Sumner, Iowa seller says it is a “real deal” factory lightweight documented by Galen Govier with fender tag, Chrysler broadcast sheet and other papers, including a diary about the car from its beginning. He says the car has an original 426 H.C. Stage III motor, numbers correct block, heads, intake, carbs, exhaust, radiator, and more. Stated in the ad, it has an aluminum front, aluminum hood, aluminum fenders, aluminum stone 1963 426 Max Wedge engineguard, aluminum front bumper and aluminum brackets that are all in excellent condition. The grille and headlights have been restored and re-anodized . “The interior is original and very nice,” says the owner. “I have owned this car for the past 15 years,” he states in the ad.

According to the ad copy the car has only 940 original miles, probably put on a quarter-mile at a time. The owner said it was restored back to its current condition about 20 years ago. “The engine was rebuilt to factory specs and runs perfect,” he said. “It has always been stored in a climate controlled indoor environment and everything has been perfectly maintained. It is truly a very fine example of the rare few factory lightweight cars that still exist today.”

This car has been SOLD.

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