1932 Ford Highboy Coupe

1932 Ford Highboy Coupe

Great 8 Award Winner in Detroit!

A 1932 Ford Coupe is nothing new or different, but when you alter and customize nearly every single part of the car, it becomes more a work of art than a street rod. Enter this 1932 Ford Highboy Coupe currently for sale from Gateway Classic Cars in Detroit, Michigan.

This is not your typical ’32 Ford by any means. For starters, the ad reports the tires were smoothed and block sanded for 105 hours to eliminate any inconsistencies and remove all traces of brand, size and DOT marks. The hood has been lengthened over 10”, which required a redesign of the entire cowl, grill shell, radiator and of course a one-off hood made of aluminum shaped to resemble a ’33 Ford hood. The roof, wheel wells, hood sides and deck lid corners have also been modified. In fact, the dealership tells us this ’32 Ford could easily have a book written about all of the subtle changes and improvements made.

The paint is the “Reddest of Red,” but what is quite possibly the most amazing part of this Highboy is the interior, says the dealership. From the waterfall seats to the custom dash and gauges, the interior is truly a sight to behold.

Prestigious awards for this beauty include: The Great 8 Award, The Most Outstanding ’32 Ford at the 60th Annual Detroit Autorama, the American Eagle and more! This custom beauty was created over an 8 year period and was taken to the limits of being customized, while still being recognizable as a ’32 Ford. See the ad for a complete list of specs, or see it in person in Detroit, Michigan.

This car has been SOLD.

1932 Ford Highboy Coupe   1932 Ford Highboy Coupe   1932 Ford Highboy Coupe

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