General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger

General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger

Car collectors from all over the world recognize the Hemi orange Dodge Charger called the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series and recent remake movies. It was Bo and Luke Duke’s ride in the original script. It is also one of the replicated cars of all time. But the original cars from the TV series and movies which remain today are few. And they command hefty prices in today’s collector car market.

A 1969 Dodge Charger, a real General Lee movie car #22 from the 2005 movie with Jessica Simpson, has been listed for sale by a movie car collector from Michigan. The seller says this car has a lot of history and had an important role in the 2005 movie.  The seller says the 383 big block motor, transmission and rear end were rebuilt, and he has $15,000 in receipts to prove it. The black vinyl interior is said to be in good shape and the body is in overall good shape with a few battle scars from the movie for provenance.

The owner has a collection of movie cars and this one must go to make room for a couple of newer acquisitions. “I love the car,” he says. “But I have another General Lee, a hero car, in  my garage. This one has to go.” He says he has over $55,000 into the car and the restoration. “That’s the problem. I get into these cars too much,” he says.  It has the full roll cage and undercarriage skid plate for jumping. The fuel cell and Grant steering wheel give it away as being a true movie car. He says the car has been autographed by all seven of the stars from the original TV show. The seller says it comes with documentation from Hazzardous Productions, the company that obtained the cars for the movie, and the plate under the hood from JEM FX the company that prepared the car for its role in the film (see photo of the production company tag on the cowl). This one was car #22, designated as a jump car.

“This is a  Warner Brothers car used in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie,” the owner points out.  “It was the first one to be smashed as it was in the beginning scenes where the faded orange Charger goes backwards between the construction equipment and gets wedged. It was also in the very famous scene where it had been vandlized and that leads to its transformation into the orange General Lee. The Charger was spray painted blue and green lines, the glass was busted out and the film crew took their frustrations out on it with an axe to inflict more damage on the hood, trunk etc. It was then used to transport the actors to the film set. The film crew told me it was the best running of any of the cars on the set.”

The motor, rear end and trans were tired so I had it all redone brand new. Over $15K spent just on that. Interior is in good shape it’s black. It has many modifications done by JEM FX, including full roll cage and skid plate for jumping. Fuel cell and Grant steering wheel. It’s the real deal authentic car with lots of history. Replicas go for this kinda money you will be the hit of every car show I know because I have owned four.”

This is an opportunity to purchase a real deal General Lee movie car for the price of a nice replica. Real General Lee movie cars are now hard to find. The first car used in the CBS TV series was sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in 2011 for $121,000. This one is priced much more affordably. Click here to view the ad.

This car has been SOLD.

GEM FX plate

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