2014 GTO Judge Prototype


Modern Day Muscle Car Tribute to a 6T9 Goat

“Order in the court! … Here come da’ Judge!” A modern day 6T9 GTO Judge pulls up next to a Shelby Mustang. It’s Judgement Day! Click the video window to view our 2014 GTO Judge feature car versus a Shelby Mustang.


Creating quite a buzz when it appeared on Orange County Choppers on CMT this year this 2014 GTO Judge prototype by Trans Am Depot is a modern day successor to the original 6T9 Goat. “That’s what we’re all about,” says Mario Bosque, a representative of Trans Am Depot of Jacksonville, Florida. “Taking the old Pontiac muscle cars which we love and giving them a more modern look and appeal.” Bosque says the notoriety they received when they were featured on OCC this year gave them so much exposure that the orders are rolling in.

You see, Bosques company called Kings Chariot specializes in building modern day tributes to the original Trans Ams and GTO Judges. He says right now they are building over 25 cars. It all got started when Trans Am Depot decided to purchase the name “Trans Am” from the SCCA. (Oddly enough when Pontiac production was ended in 2009 it was discovered that the SCCA owned the rights to the name Trans Am, not Pontiac.) They then designed the modern day Trans Am which 2014 GTO JudgePontiac could no longer build when the Camaro platform became available in 2010. Using the Camaro SS platform Trans Am Depot began building Trans Ams, only with updated aftermarket type performance equipment that GM wouldn’t dare put on their retro muscle cars.

Out of that effort came this retro2014 GTO Judge prototype which appeared first at SEMA 2013. It was replete with the hideaway headlights and a special 4-stage paint job by noted auto painter Keith Powell. The color on this one replicates Carousel red with a special orange metal flake. The car is said to do zero to 60 in 3.8 seconds and turns 11.80 ETs at 121 miles per hour. The base car for this 6T9 GTO Judge was a supercharged Camaro ZL575 by SLP. Bosque’s company, Kings Chariots, converted the heads, cam, pulleys, upgrading the supercharged version of this motor to 684 rear wheel horsepower. It was also featured in Pontiac Performance Magazine (click here for the full feature from Dec 2013 in .PDF format.)

This prototype car is now for sale, or you can order one built to your spec from Trans Am Depot.Click here to view their ad and get the phone number.

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