2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction


Barometer of the Collector Car Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Here in the Arizona desert surrounded by picturesque mountains the American dream is still alive. Ask the Baby Boomers here if the cup is half empty or half full and you can always predict the answer. It seems only fitting that the biggest collector car auction on earth is held here in Scottsdale. We hope newsletter readers will enjoy following our adventures at the 43rd Annual 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction this weekend. Click here to view our updated auction coverage.

People always ask us why we give so much attention to the Barrett-Jackson sale as it is only 1968-Plymouth-Barracudaone of five high profile collector car venues in the greater Phoenix area this week. We always tell them that the Barrett-Jackson Auction is the granddaddy of collector car auctions in the U.S. There will be over 1,600 cars sold here this week. There is nowhere in the world where you can see this many collector cars all in one place. It is the one show that is on every collector’s bucket list to see. More importantly, the Barrett-Jackson Auction is a barometer of the larger collector car market and helps us predict whether prices will go up or down for 2014.

It dawned on me last night as we watched a 1960 Chevy Impala 2-Door Hardtop sell for $75,000 at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction here at Westworld outside Scottsdale. Collector cars are getting more money this year than we’ve seen in the past several years since the recession. Thursday the Barrett-Jackson Auction took in $12,205,000 selling over 270 specialty and classic vehicles. Today we are packed shoulder to shoulder in the auction hall. There will be 350,000 people attending the auction before it is over on Sunday.

What everybody is waiting for here is “Prime Time” Saturday when the big money cars will 1963-Corvette-Twin-Turbo-Pro-Streetcross the auction stage. Click here to view some of the stories we’ve been posting about the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction on our car show blog site. Newsletter readers will be interested to note that our 2012 CAR of the YEAR, the 1963 Corvette Twin Turbo Pro Street, will be sold on Saturday during “Prime Time.” Read about it in our feature story on the amazing selection of classic Corvettes here at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction.

Be sure not to miss any of Cars On Line’s coverage of the Barrett-Jackson Auction. Click here to view our auction coverage page updated several times a day. Saturday we’ll post some of the high profile cars on our Facebook page and encourage our readers to contribute their predictions on what prices these cars will sell for. This year FOX Sports and the National Geographic Channel will be televising the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction. Check the link above for a schedule of times and channels.

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