1957 Corvette Fuelie Convertible


Game Changer for Performance Minded Chevrolet

Corvettes are the “gold standard” of the collector car hobby. That is because Corvette collectors set rigid standards for originality within their segment of the hobby. When you buy a classic Corvette it is really an investment, as good as buying equities in the stock market as long as you are buying it right.

Here is a 1957 Corvette Fuelie Convertible being offered for sale by a Florida area broker called The Vette NetThe Vette Net is a member of the Cars On Line Dealer Network. As their name implies they specialize in brokering sales of classic Corvettes.

This one is located in Delaware. The owner gives it a “nine” out of 10 rating. He says the restoration was recently completed and was done to a high quality standard. Everything works and the tires are like new. The technicians doing the restoration said they saw no signs of any body damage and the panels are solid.

An original style 283/283 fuelie engine is a replacement engine, and they say it has been overhauled to factory spec. The 4-speed transmission is said to be a replacement but has been overhauled also. The suspension and exhaust on the Vette was renewed to factory specs during the restoration. The differential appears to be original as noted by the owner.

While most ’57 Fuelie Corvettes will be sold for Barrett-Jackson type prices, this one is priced lower because of the engine and transmission swap. This may be a rare opportunity to own a real Fuelie Corvette at a deeply discounted price. So you won’t be too worried about the value to drive the car. Nice. Cars are meant to be driven!

This car has been SOLD.

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