1963 Corvette Split Window Z06

1963 Corvette Split Window Z06

When you visit RK Motors in Charlotte, North Carolina be sure to look for a Riverside red  1963 Corvette Split Window Z06 is on display. You’ll notice that visitors there  approach it slowly with the respect reserved for only the rarest of American icons. Even Corvette collectors rarely get a chance to see once of these rare race-ready muscle cars. The 1963 Corvette Split Window Z06 remains one of Zora Duntov’s greatest achievements.

In 1955 a tragic crash at the 24 Hours of Lemans killed a driver and 73 spectators in France. The worldwide reaction to this incredible disaster was a universal feeling that racing was too dangerous.  For years Chevrolet Motors would not support the racing community because it was believed that even professional racing events were too dangerous for both drivers and spectators. Chevrolet’s chief engineer Zora Duntov was steeped in racing tradition and dearly desired to create a racing image for Chevrolet’s Corvette. He knew that despite Chevrolet’s efforts to downplay racing Corvette owners were going to want to take their cars to the track. Through his efforts the RPO Z06 special performance equipment package was created for Corvette racers. 1963 was the first year it was made available. In fact, only 199 of these big tank Z06 Corvettes were produced, all Split Window coupes. The package was never made available again so it was a one-year only feature. The price of a Corvette back then was $4,252 in base trim. But the Z06 package added another $1,818.45 to the bill.

RK Motors Charlotte tells us that this 1963 Corvette Split Window Z06 was ordered by Harry Mann Chevrolet in Los Angeles, CA with an original production date of May 7th, 1963. 25 years later the Corvette received a complete nut and bolt restoration that restored it to its former glory. Since the restoration, the Corvette has been meticulously cared for and received an NCRS regional Top Flight award with a score of 99%. They say the 360-horsepower Fuelie 327 engine is period correct, and that it has a period correct Muncie 4-speed M20 transmission. Here are the VIN code and fender tag decodes:

VIN: 30837S114581
3: 1963 08: Corvette
37: 2-door sport coupe
S: St. Louis, MO
114581: Production number sequence

Fender tag:
I2: Body build date of 2nd week of May 1963.
Style 63 837: 1963 Coupe
Trim STD: Black vinyl interior
Body 7719: Body sequential build number
Paint 923a: Riverside Red

The first thing you notice when you lift the hood is the cross flags emblem that rests upon the Rochester fuel injection plenum. The Fuelie motor produced 360 horsepower out of the 327ci V8. The Z06 option not only meant the inclusion of the fuel injected 327, but it also brought a ton of upgrades to make it a track worthy creation straight from the factory. At the front you’ll find a 20% larger front sway bar than what came stock on the original Corvettes, dual master cylinders, and a vacuum brake booster for better stopping power. Also at the corners you’ll see power assisted Al-fin drum brakes that are cooled by front air scoops and vented braking plates. The Z06 also brought larger diameter shocks and nearly twice as stiff springs throughout. The Z06 was a forced to be reckoned with on the track.

This car has been SOLD.

This is the kind of classic muscle car that you can buy and will always go up in value over time. If Corvettes are the Gold Standard in collector cars, then this 1963 Corvette Z06 is one that will always be considered rarely minted.

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  1. TOM PETERS November 4, 2020 at 1:33 am #

    Good Evening,

    I own a 1963 S/W Coupe and am looking to make a stain glass window. I’m currently restoring my car and therefore cannot get a nice photo of it.

    Therefore, I need a good photo of the above vehicle (if at all possible) from which I will make a pattern to produce my window.

    Please advise if it’s possible to obtain a photo of your vehicle and how much it will cost. I prefer the largest photo print possible. Thank you!

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