New Cars On Line Slide Show Ad

COL Slide Show Ads come to iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

Ever on the cutting edge of technology, Cars On announced today that it is offering a new and improved Slide Show ad which is now mobile ready. The COL Slide Show ad is one of the most popular features of the Cars On Line website. But until today you could not view our Slide Show on Apple iPhones, iPads or Android phones. With more people using smartnew COL Slide Show adphones and pads to view the internet today we found a way to upgrade our Slide Show ad so that anyone can view it regardless of what technology they are using to view the internet.

We’ve also added functionality to the Slide Show so that when you view the photos in the Slide Show player you can click on each individual photo as they come up and get a large high resolution image no matter what type of devise you are viewing on. Take a look at this 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner just posted in the new Slide Show format. When you click the Slider Window you can view a big 800 X 800 pixel, high resolution set of photos. These photos really look great in the new viewer, don’t they?

Anyone can run a 26-photo Slide Show ad on the Cars On Line website. And now your ad can be seen no matter what type of devise the buyer is using. You do not have to create your own ad, our data base creates the Slide Show for you. With more people now able to view the Slide Shows we know they are going to have even more “selling power” than before. Best of all, the price hasn’t changed. It is still just $65 to run the new and improved Slide Show ad. Click here for more information on how to run a Slide Show ad on Cars On


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