1967 Pontiac Monkee-Mobile GTO


Hey, Hey! Here’s your chance to monkey around in an American icon. Psychodelic Relics in Ormond Beach, Florida just listed the 1967 Pontiac Monkee-Mobile GTO for sale. According to the ad, this is the 45th Anniversary Tour tribute car, which has been signed by Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and Davy Jones. We’re told the vehicle is only one of three that the original designer/builder Dean Jeffries was involved with before he passed away. Jeffries supervised the build to keep it as accurate to the two originals.

This 1967 Pontiac Monkee-Mobile GTO was a standout among the Celebrity Car listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to view the the newsletter. Or find hundreds more for sale in the Celebrity Car Section of the Cars On Line.com website.

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