1972 Mach 1 Pro Touring Video


A 1972 Mach 1 Pro Touring from Cypress, Texas is looking for a new place to call home and the seller was kind enough to make sure you get a good look at it in not just one video, but three!


You’ll get a nice long look at the engine while it’s running as well as a short walkaround.


You can experience what the Doppler effect is like when the source of the sound is a throaty 351 ci engine, rebuilt less than 500 miles ago.

This car has been SOLD.


You’ll see more walk-around in nice lighting, and see just how reflective the paint remains. It’s a full 4-minutes of great-sounding Mach 1! According to the seller, the vehicle is powered by a 351C engine that was rebuilt less than 500 miles ago. The camera shows you the interior and a nice P.O.V. from the driver’s seat as well. All-in-all, it’s a great look at a great car, and didn’t take any fancy equipment to create, except of course for the pulse-pounding piece of machinery that is the Mach 1 Pro Touring.

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