AC Ace Cobra – Interesting Piece of History


Here’s your chance to own a very interesting piece of history! American Classic Car Sales in Sarasota, Florida just listed an excellent and fully functional AC Ace Cobra for sale. According to the ad, the vehicle started life as a true aluminum body 1956 AC Ace Roadster and was modified to racing Cobra MK1 specifications in 1963. The modifications were nearly exact to the CSX Series cars, including a real aluminum Shelby nose (the original Ace nose comes withthe car), a Ford 289 special high performance V8 engine, front disc brakes, Jag rear axle and side mount exhaust. The dealership tells us the modifications were made in the early ‘60s using early ‘60s parts, including actual true Shelby Cobra alloy wheels. To put it simply, this car resembles what Shelby was doing with the AC Aces that eventually became the Cobra CSX Series cars.

This car has been SOLD.

According to the dealership, this AC Ace Cobra has raced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Florida at various tracks, which is why you’ll find the “Rookie” sticker on the rear. Currently the car comes equipped with racing seat and belts, but the original black interior can be re-installed should you choose to use the vehicle on the road with an additional passenger. Visit the ad to learn more or see it in person in Sarasota, Florida.

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