2014 Wavecrest Woodie Show

Wavecrest Woodie Show

Surfing Culture’s Main Event

1947 Ford WoodieSurf boards atop an old woodie station wagon … you’ll see that a lot here at the Wavecrest Woodie Show in Encinitas, California. That’s the iconic picture we have of the California surf culture. Some of us old Baby Boomers won’t be hanging 10 this weekend but we will be swapping stories about restoring wood-bodied cars. We’re here at the Wavecrest Woodie Show to bring our readers photos and vidoes of some of the rarest collector cars in the world, the survivors of a period when woodies were a symbol of the existential lifestyle of California beach culture.

Cars On Line.com newsletter readers can follow our reports on the Wavecrest Woodie Show by visiting this link: Wavecrest Woodie Show | ClassiCarNews.com It is our feature blog page for this weekend. Already we have been treated to a classic car show in downtown Encinitas on Thursday night as all the woodies began to roll into town. More wood-bodied classics will be arriving on Friday.

By Saturday they expect up to 300 wood bodied classic cars here to attend what we refer to as the Woodie Homecoming. The event is held at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas just off historicCalifornia Hwy 101. We’ll have lots of photos of some very unusual classic woodies.1933 Ford Woodie

On Sunday there is a cruise to Oceanside, California with a photo shoot at the pier. The 25-mile cruise is a great opportunity to see these cars in action. Be sure to check back on Sunday to view our video of the cruise.

Last year Cars On Line covered this event for the first time, and our readers couldn’t get enough of our reports from the show. Watch our Facebook and Twitter posts each day as we catch up with woodie wagons and their owners all weekend. You’ll get a first-hand look at this historic event.

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