Chrysler Le Baron Mark Cross Charity Sale


Le Baron Mark Cross Sale to Benifit Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida

This week Cars On readers have a chance to buy a collectible convertible and give to a worthy cause all in one transaction. A 1985 Chrysler Le Baron Mark Cross Edition Convertible is being offered for sale and the proceeds all go to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida.

This car has been SOLD.

down-syndrome-association-logo“The 1985 Chrysler Le Baron Mark Cross Edition Convertible is an absolute time capsule,” says J.R. Smith of Just Toys Classic Cars in Orlando. “To look at the paint you would think you were looking at it when it was on the showroom floor back in ‘85.” There are photos of the  undercarriage in the ad. You won’t believe how pristine this car truly is. They say it has just over 49k miles and everything looks like it is showroom new. “Stock as a rock,” says J.R. It belongs in a collection or in a museum where it will be maintained in this condition. J.R. says all of the proceeds will be donated to Children with Down Syndrome. It’s a win, win for a collector. You get the car and, at the same time, your money goes to a great cause.Be sure to click through to the ad for this 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross Edition Convertible and see this car.

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