1969 COPO Camaro


Recognizing there is a little weakness in the market right now, a Connecticut collector is offering his choice 1969 COPO Camaro at an excellent price. He says it is “The best COPO 427 car for the money on the market ‘period.'” According to the ad copy this Fathom GreenĀ 1969 COPO Camaro has only 21,000 original miles and still has the drivetrain it was born with including the original 427 big block motor and an M22 Rock Crusher 4-speed transmission with 4.10 gears out back. The tach and gauges are unmolested factory original, he says. He also says that his muscle car treasue is certified as genuine. It seems almost incredible that a 427 COPO car remains unmodified and has never been race prepped. Most of these cars saw heavy duty at the track. Not so with this one they say. It says it has a 100 percent original interior and the paint was done in lacquer in 1980.

If you are a high end collector this could be the crown jewel in your collection. The price is nearly $100,000 below what cars like this should go for. You may never in your lifetime find another COPO with its original drivetrain. Or look at it this way … if this car is what they say it is then you could buy it and flip it at the next Mecum Auction. Just sayin’.

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