1932 Rat Roaster by Stacey David


1932 Rat Roaster by Stacey David

Vanguard Motor Sales has a treat for our readers today. They just posted the well-known 1932 Deuce Roadster dubbed “Rat Roaster” by its builder Stacey David. David is the host of”GearZ”, a TV series on SPEED TV. This car was chosen by Revell to be one of their model kits in 1/25th scale. Click here to see Episode 10-2 of the “GearZ” TV series which shows much of the detail on this old school roadster. David wanted a hot rod that would exemplify that way hot rod shops would build them in the ’60s, when all the muscle car engines and parts were readily available. Click here to read what David says about the car on the GearZ webpage and see dozens of photos of the build. The engine was built by Keith Craft Racing in Arkansas. You can read the entire spec sheet on the engine in the photos (click here.) The Rat Roaster has recently become a folk culture icon of the collector car hobby. This is a rare opportunity to own a car that has so much pop culture appeal and provenance. You’ll find it this week in our Celebrity Car Section.

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