Bobby Allison’s 1950 Studebaker Pickup

Bobby Allison's 1950 Studebaker Pickup


How do you show your appreciation to a NASCAR legend? Our Dream Restorations out of Mooresville, North Carolina had an idea. Tim Watson, a automotive body expert at Our Dream Restorations, knew that Bobby Allison had a Studebaker R2 pickup truck that he had dearly wanted to restore. So Tim Watson and Our Dream Restorations decided it would be a fitting tribute to restore Bobby Allison’s 1950 Studebaker Pickup for him the way he wanted it done. Bobby had seen drawings and artist renderings of what his truck would look like, but until this week he had not seen his dream project completed. Friday here at the Daytona Turkey Run was going to be that day.

They just unveiled Bobby Allison’s 1950 Studebaker Pickup Friday morning at the Daytona Turkey Run here in Daytona Beach, Florida. Being an old hot rodder, Bobby had started by stretching the cab and working on a special Grand National Buick Turbo V6 motor for the car. Then he had several friends who ran shops in the Miami area that did some work for him over the years. But last year the car was still all disassembled and not much had been done. NASCAR legend Bobby Allison had been waiting since 1988 to see his dream come true. Finally today he was able to take his first look at the incredible custom restoration of his 1950 Studebaker Pickup truck they call “EJ.” And was he ever proud.

A large crowd of racing fans and interested spectators filled the Yellow Garage area of the Daytona International Speedway tha morning for the event. Bobby Allison and his wife Judy were there along with family and friends for the unveiling. The truck had been under a canvas cover here since Thanksgiving Day. Bobby Allison was introduced by Dave Chamberlain of Our Dream Restorations, the shop that custom built the classic pickup truck as a tribute to Allison, a man they consider a living legend.

Bobby Allison awaiting the unveiling of his 1950 Studebaker R2 Pickup

Bobby Allison (right) stood alongside his old neighborhood friend who helped build the custom pickup they call “EJ.”

1950 Studebaker Pickup truck restored for NASCAR legend Bobby Allison

After the unveiling spectators could see the intricately detailed custom work that was done in both the paint and body.

Bobby Allison's 1950 Studebaker Pickup

Bobby and Judy Allison get their first view of the beautiful custom interior work.

Buick V6 Turbocharged engine

Bobby Allison admires all the work under the hood done by Our Dream Restorations on his 1950 Studebaker Pickup. The motor is a Buick Turbo V6 Grand National engine all cammed and sounding great.

Rear view of Bobby Allison's 1950 Studebaker Pickup

Special wood bed

Special wood bed was designed and installed.

One-off custom wheels

One off custom wheels were designed for the truck

Custom interior

Detailed custom interior work done to a “T’.

Custom graphics took 150 hours to finish

The graphics make the design work. They say the striper spent 150 hours to create this look.


Bobby Allison enjoys meeting his fans and making new friends as spectators line up for his autograph.


We were told that this truck would be debuted last month at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. But as it turns out, Our Dream Restorations never completed the truck in time. In fact, the owner of Our Dream Restorations told us today that they just hung the doors on it Monday night. You don’t want to rush anything when you spent seven months creating it.

Bobby Allison is the storied NASCAR Champion that won many races and sacrificed much for his sport. In 1988, after winning the Daytona 500, he later hit the wall at Pocono and nearly lost his life. The massive head injuries from that crash have left him with no memory of his career.  Bobby also lost both of his sons in NASCAR crashes within eleven months of each other. But it was also in 1988 that Bobby purchased this 1950 Studebaker pickup truck you see pictured here. Bobby was an old hot rodder from the Alabama Gang years. He always intended to restore the old truck but it sat in storage for all this time.

After the crash at Pocono, there were so many hospital bills that needed to be paid that the Allison family had to sell most of his cars and racing equipment at auction to raise money to pay the bills. Bobby and Judy Allison paid for the hospital bills out of their own pocket. About the only thing left was this 1950 Studebaker pickup and they couldn’t sell it because it was just there in pieces. It was the only thing that survived from a proud racers long career.

Recently a filmmaker and NASCAR fan decided to put together a TV program and possibly a movie celebrating the life and successes of Bobby Allison. The Allison family told us this weekend that the funding for the movie had been acquired. Barring any delays they tell us the filming may be done by next spring. The 1950 Studebaker Custom Pickup may be a featured part of that script. Our Dream Restorations owner Jeff Arnold said he wanted a new generation of NASCAR fans to get a chance to know Bobby Allison and appreciate his contributions to NASCAR. By debuting the Studebaker truck here at Daytona they believe it may rekindle the enthusiasm for Bobby Allison’s many successes in the sport of racing. Bobby and Judy Allison are scheduled to go on a nationwide tour of car shows to promote the movie.

Allison had given so much to the sport of auto racing, it was a fitting tribute to see so many NASCAR fans here this weekend during the Turkey Run to shake his hand and get his autograph. I think Bobby enjoyed it too.

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  1. Michael Bringetto Sr September 16, 2017 at 1:51 am #

    I knew Bobby bought the Truck talking to him at PIR about 85-87 as I was push starting cars there in my 72 cuz too far trip for my 49 Stude 2R5 that I was using near Fresno Ca, however I thot he already had it b4 88?
    Too bad it won’t let me post a pic of it here n btw I have 20 Stude’s 13 r pus

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