The Hunt for Mopars Gets Intense


For the second month in a row, Mopars have captured the attention of internet buyers. Once again the Dodge Charger took the lead on our “Top Ten Most Popular” list for muscle cars, claiming 11.88 percent of internet searches (See our Mopar Section). Each month the Cars On Line staff analyzes statistics from Google and Bing search engines in order to understand consumer trends. This month there was a slight shake-up in the rankings. Corvette squeaked past Camaro to land in second with 10.63 percent of internet searches. Meanwhile Camaro dropped down one spot to round out the top three. Making a bold jump was the Chevy Nova, which found itself in sixth after being in last place the previous month. View the Top Ten Muscle Cars below.


No surprise here! Once again it was a month dominated by Ford in the classic car market. According to Google and Bing statistics, 16.21 percent of classic car buyers were in pursuit of something built by the Ford Motor Company (See our Ford Section). For the fifth month in a row, the Ford Model A was the vehicle driving the most interest. The vintage cruiser was so popular that it made up 5.52 percent of internet searches for classic vehicles. There were hardly any other changes to the rest of the classic car rankings.

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