1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile

1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile

Cars On Line.com featured this 1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile for sale in its newsletter this week. The Pro Touring Challenger was the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association’s Giveaway Car in 2012. The winning key was drawn for Doug and Esther Cabral of Tracy, California at the Goodguys Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. A representative of the owners is now offering this very desirable Goodguys Giveaway Car for sale.

The Goodguys Missile was the idea of Steve Stanford, who won Goodguys’ design contest with his adaptation of a muscle car era drag car.  For creative inspiration, Goodguys announced a design contest would be held to render their 2012 Goodguys Giveaway Car that year. Every year Goodguys has a noted custom car builder create an outstanding hot rod custom car to give away at one of their national shows. For 2012 they allowed artists from all over the country to submit their renderings. The car was built by RPM Hot Rods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. RPM Hot Rods followed Stanford’s  concept to build a pro touring car which could be mistaken for a Pro Street. The theme was to create a car that reminded you of Detroit’s great Don Carlton and his “Motown Missile” Cuda in the 1970’s. Stanford’s renderings of the Goodguys Missile Challenger was favored by Curt Ukasik of RPM Hot Rods. Ukasik seemed to be able to envision the modernized rendering of the famous “Motown Missile.”

RPM had built the 2010 Goodguys Giveaway Car, a 1970 Boss Mustang Pro Touring. So they knew what they were getting into. They started with a 1971 Dodge Challenger project car. Every body panel was replaced. Then they welded in a Roadster Shop front clip complete with tubular twin A-arms and RideTech coilovers. They actually channeled the body over the frame like an old NASCAR stock car. The IRS was also from Roadster Shop.

They incorporated Super heavy-duty splined sway bars, while they added C6 Corvette spindles and hubs all around to stabilize the E-body. Massive 14-inch Baer disc brakes with six-piston calipers were used in all four corners.

RPM even envisioned and built the Challenger’s interior, including the custom dash, instrument panel, and center console. A Vintage Air system and Kicker stereo were used. And they made sure it had “power everything.”

Instead of an LS Chevy motor, RPM decided to use a Gen III 426 Hemi with Indy Cylinder Heads as the power plant. The small block Hemi has Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft and a Fast XFI engine management system to create 505 horsepower from this very light weight engine. They say it makes a ton of power but still gets great gas mileage.

The modernized E-body also has Billet Specialties wheels, PPG paint, pro touring suspension and so much more. As are all Goodguys Giveaway Cars, this one was equipped by some of the top aftermarket parts suppliers in the country.

Below is a video on how the Goodguys Giveaway contest was conducted in 2012. The video includes much of the build information on the 1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile:

The 1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile was first shown at the Goodguys Nationals in Nashville. Many feature articles have been done on this car by national automotive magazines. Here is a link to one by Hot Rod Magazine: http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/1211phr-1971-dodge-challenger/

Cabral, who won the Goodguys Missile Grand Prize Giveaway Car in Scottsdsale, Arizona came by Goodguys World Headquarters in Pleasanton to pick up his new ride! He was unable to attend the Scottsdale show for health reasons. Cabral is a 17-year Goodguys member and a dedicated member of the P-Town Pushrods Car Club. He qualified to be one of the finalists for the car at the 30th All American Get-Together in Pleasanton in March of 2012.

Goodguys Missile photo by Hot Rodding Magazine

Photo of the 1971 Dodge Challenger Goodguys Missile done by Hot Rodding magazine for their photo feature.


Photo credit -Doug and Esther Cabral receive the keys today to the "Goodguys Missile" 1971 Dodge Challenger from Goodguys President Marc Meadors.

Photo credit -Doug and Esther Cabral receive the keys today to the “Goodguys Missile” 1971 Dodge Challenger from Goodguys President Marc Meadors.


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  1. B. R. May 19, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    I bought the car leaks oil ac doesn’t work
    Stereo makes whining noise with engine rpm

    Over heats

    No wonder it was sold was told by original owner these problems existed from very beginning unfortuamtely no one talked about it and lucky me I am stuck with it

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