1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler


Remember our 2014 CAR of the YEAR, a 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler? It was by popular vote among our readers their favorite listing last year. Well here is another 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler muscle car that may give our CAR of the YEAR a run for its money. It is #290 in the 1512 SC/Rambler Registry. The seller from San Antonio, Texas tells us it has been fully restored and is “Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!” He says this was an excellent restoration, and that it performs flawlessly. You can email him to request 65 detailed photos of this car. Also ask him about the incredible history and provenance. This one is an investment class car that is sure to increase in value over time.

This 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler was a standout in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Check out the AMC Muscle Car Section of the Cars On Line website for hundreds more for sale.

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