1970 Cord Replica Inspection


1970 Cord Replica Inspection with the Cars On Line Inspection Service

Here at Cars On Line.com we see buyers and sellers from all over the world, and the Cars On Line Inspection Service has become a necessity for many car buyers. One of the things we always preach is to have an inspection done before you buy. Don’t buy sight unseen!

A concerned potential buyer wanted to be sure of what they were getting when considering this 1970 Cord Replica and requested a Cars On Line Inspection. One of our network of contractors traveled out to the vehicle in question and performed a meticulous inspection. You can see all of the comments provided by the inspector in the sample inspection report here. Photographs included in the sample report are lower quality than the ones provided to the recipient of the report, which included more than 100 high-resolution photographs!

The Cars On Line Inspection Service has set the standard for inspections and appraisals on collector cars. The inspectors in our inspection network use our standard report so that you get the same type of service anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our contracted inspectors are not affiliated with any sales organization. Their loyalty is to the buyer. Click here to find out more! And to learn more about inspection services, see the Classic Car Inspection Services article from our How to Buy a Car Online series.

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