1970 Camaro Z28 RS

1970 Camaro Z28 RS

One of the great “sleeper” cars of all time was the the 1970 Camaro Z28 RS. Everybody knew that the ’67-69 first generation Z28’s had high revving DZ302’s. But when Chevrolet rolled out the 2nd generation Camaros, the first year edition 1970 Z28 RS caught everyone by surprise. Lighter and more powerful than the 1969 model, the ’70 Z28 RS would take on big block cars with ease.

1970 was the last year of the high horsepower Chevy engines before the govenment imposed emmissions standards pressure on automakers and insurance companies began to raise premiums on performance cars. Those were the days. You could get an LT1 in a Camaro Z28 that produced 360 horsepower out of the small block 350 ci V8. Compared with the ’69 Camaro, we think this 1970 Camaro Z28 RS out of Canada is a sleeper. The seller from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada has it listed at $39,000 in our Camaro Section this week. That is a deep discount to what a ’69 Camaro Z/28 RS would cost. Comparative performance on a ’70 Z/28 RS with the LT1 engine is off the charts. A lower and wider car than the ’69 version, the second generation Camaros could run circles around their older counterparts. But it would only last one year as already in 1971 Chevrolet was putting a governor on high horsepower.

The 1970 Z/28 RS is often referred to as a 70 1/2 Camaro due to the late start in the new model introduction caused by a strike at GM. These were small block rockets that shocked many big block owners due to their lighter weight and higher revving engines with big block horse power. Only Corvettes had previously had this kind of high horsepower performance.

The seller tells us his 1970 Camaro Z28 RS is a rust-free California vehicle that retains its original factory 350/360hp LT1 with a4-bolt main. He says it has correct 2.02 valve high compression heads, aluminum intake, solid lifter cam, adjustable rockers, and a 4.10 12-bolt rear end. The 4-speed manual transmission is not the one that came with this car. But he says it is a factory Daytona yellow car with front spoiler and low lever real spoiler. Furthermore the seller notes that it is a real split bumper RS with the front parking lamps located beside the headlights instead of below the bumper as found on many cloned versions.

Buy this 1970 Camaro Z28 RS before they go up in value. On the Camaro food chain the Z/28 RS is the top of the heap. We believe these cars will escalate in value real soon.


1970 Camaro Z28 RS


1970 Camaro Z28 RS


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