1958 Ford Fairlane Sunliner

1958 Ford Fairlane Sunliner
Collectors search for the mint, original classic ’50s cars that represent the era. It is not very often when you come across something that is near perfect, however. The New Jersey owner of this Torch Red (original factory color) 1958 Ford Fairlane Sunliner believes it is the “Best One On the Planet.”

It certainly has been appreciated wherever it has been shown. Among its achievements, this 1958 Ford Fairlane Sunliner was part of the invitation-only display at the 2010 Carlisle All Ford Nationals. It also has been invited to multiple concours events, and was the winner of the Governor’s Cup at the New Hope, Pennsylvania car show in 2012. But, even more significantly, it has reached the pinnacle of AACA status by progressing through each level to Grand National Senior Award in 2012. Recognizing how meticulous the AACA judges are when critiquing entrants, especially at the Grand National level, you know this car is the best of the best. Needless to say, everything on the car is not only in working order, but in first class condition. Would you call it a No 1 or high N0 2? That is the question.

The current owner  purchased his first Sunliner as a senior in high school in 1965. He drove the car for a year before Uncle Sam came calling with a job in Southeast Asia. Andy left the car with his sister while he was away. The car sat on the street and after the plates expired, municipal notice was given to license the car or it would be towed away. True to their word, when Andy returned from service the car was gone. Fast forward to 2008. Andy had become involved with AACA and having already achieved Grand National Senior status with a ’64 Chevy.

At that point he decided to try to find his long lost love, the ’58 Ford Sunliner. Although his original convertible was never to be found, he did locate an original factory Torch Red surrogate. Andy was successful in taking this car to the ultimate AACA status and also located a Junior Fairlane to create a one-of-a-kind display that is a real crowd pleaser. Two very rare cars – how many ’58 Fords are still around not to mention the always desirable convertible model? And then there is the Junior Fairlane. Although the exact number of these small cars built is not known, only the top Ford dealers in the country were allotted this company sponsored promotional vehicle. Andy spent considerable time locating this fully operational Junior and knows of only one other to exist (the other is nonoperational). For someone looking for truly a unique display including a car judged the best of the best, this is it.

This Sunliner began its transformation to stardom as a rust-free car from Texas. It received a professional frame-off restoration that was completed in 2008, and has been driven only 1,900 pampered miles since. The car features a 332-cid “Police Interceptor” V-8 engine, and has a white soft-top that when retracted is covered by a red convertible top boot. The interior sports the classic two-tone style red and white color scheme with a red padded dashboard. The car is well equipped with Kelsey-Hayes chrome wire wheels, American Classic whitewall tires, Fordomatic automatic transmission, Town & Country Signal Seeking Radio, electric clock, tissue dispenser, dual exterior mirrors, dual exhausts deflectors, and power top, windows, steering and brakes.

But there’s more! Included in the sale is a super rare 1958 Ford Junior Sunliner, used by Ford to promote the car during the model year. This miniature version of the full-sized Sunliner has been painstakingly restored to like-new condition and then enhanced by the current owner with special touches, such as gold-colored side trim, dual side mirrors, chrome bumpers, a realistic-looking Ford steering wheel, and other emblems and trim features. This virtual “Mini Me” of the real McCoy is a drivable fiberglass body car, powered by a 12-volt battery, with working lights and a horn. This miniature car is not a toy but a true collectible Ford memorabilia item.

The pair of 1958 convertibles, the full size and its attention-grabbing sidekick, will attract a crowd of admirers, regardless of age, at any car show. The new owner will definitely appreciate the level of quality work gone into making this pair of Sunliners a one-of-a-kind show-stopper display.

1958 Ford "Mini Me" Sunliner

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