Welcome American Classics And Hot Rods


Welcome American Classics And Hot Rods

American Classics and Hot Rods wanted to offer classic car collectors a “fairer shake” than they were getting elsewhere and has been building trust and loyalty among its clients since opening their doors. Craig Smith is the General Manager of their three locations and makes it his daily responsibility. American Classics consigns, trades and purchases driver quality dream cars at low competitive prices and is well connected in their communities. They have an established referral network to make sure you get what you need from reliable people, be it in financing or in restoration work. Their current locations include Owatonna, Minnesota, Golden Valley, Arizona and Newberg, Oregon where this beautiful 1951 Mercury Lead Sled is.

The 1951 Mercury Lead Sled is fitted with an all-steel custom body, Winfield-style chopped roof, shaved door handles with remotes and molded bumpers with a Desoto grill. It’s a gorgeous piece of work and you can get a good look at it in the numerous ad photographs. They say it’s powered by a 502ci Chevy Iron Head engine that produces 445 horsepower with a GM aluminum intake and block hugger headers. Other features include a GM tilt steering column, power windows, removable center console a custom wood inlaid dash and dual batteries stored in the trunk. It’s one of many impressive vehicles in American Classics’ lineup. Click here to visit their website and see more!

You’ll find all the latest cars from American Classics each week in the new edition of the Cars On Line Newsletter. Click here to see this week’s issue.

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2 Responses to Welcome American Classics And Hot Rods

  1. Peter December 10, 2015 at 1:46 pm #

    These guys at American Classics and Hot Rods are the biggest bunch of liars, cheats, and generally the MOST dishonest people I have EVER met. Their so called manager Craig Smith I found out has quite the reputation of screwing people over. I found this out as I got to talk to people he used to own businesses with back in Minnesota which is apparently where he ran from when he arrived here in Oregon. Then his business partner, Mike Jackson, who runs a pyramid scheme selling some water purifiers and other BS household things is equally as shady. What they call their Tennessee and Arizona locations are literally nothing more than a private persons garage! PLEASE, I dont normally write reviews, so just understand for me to write one of these shows just how strongly I feel about what I now know of these people.

  2. Donald anderson October 1, 2017 at 2:32 pm #

    Exactly correct!!!!

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