1956 Lotus Eleven Westfield


1956 Lotus Eleven Westfield for sale!

Not all clones are equal in value. Some reproductions become collectible in their own right. Here is a very rare 1956 Lotus Eleven Westfield which may fit that category. It has been listed for sale by Motorcar Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. They tell us that the fiberglass bodywork is a very faithful reproduction of Sir Colin Chapman’s original design, but Westfield’s tubular space frame chassis and proprietary suspension represent an improvement over the original. What’s even more interesting about this particular reproduction is that it is said to be virtually a brand new build. The Westfield XI chassis number 49 was manufactured in 1984 but assembled just five years and 200 miles ago. Every drivetrain component is either new or rebuilt. They say it is running properly with an MG 1275 cc engine with twin SUs, bored to around 1331 cc and fully rebuilt to performance spec. It also features a built four-speed gearbox, new clutch and 4.56 MG rear end. What is even more interesting is that Motorcar Studio is offering this historic Lotus reproduction for $32,500. It would cost more to build one, wouldn’t it? Judge for yourself. Click here for a video of the 1956 Lotus Eleven Westfield.

This 1956 Lotus Eleven Westfield was a standout in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Replicas & Neo-Classics for sale. Or check out the Replicas & Neo-Classics Section of the Cars On Line website for hundreds more for sale.

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