1937 Ford OZE Coupe


1937 Ford OZE Coupe Video!

What better way to show off a professionally built vehicle than to pair it with a professionally produced video? That’s what a private seller from St-Lazare, Quebec, Canada did when he decided to sell his award-winning 1937 Ford OZE Coupe! Watch the video here and see for yourself the cool production techniques used throughout the video. You’ll notice the video does a superb job of showcasing the vehicle’s beautiful mirror-like Dakota Bronze colored paint, polished stainless grille, and new leather interior. You simply cannot take your eyes off it! Of course, we also get a look at the engine, which the SLIDE SHOW ad describes as a professionally built 355 SBC with matching Turbo 350 transmission. We think the combination of video along with a great selection of photos is the perfect way to advertise a collector car for sale. Click here to see the video of this beautiful 1937 Ford OZE Coupe!

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This 1937 Ford OZE Coupe was a standout among the video listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Videos.

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