1939 Graham Resto Rod


1939 Graham Resto Rod For Sale

A standard Combination Coupe was transformed into the awesome 1939 Graham Resto Rod you see here courtesy of Classic Cars America in Mokena, Illinois. They believe that only 20 Graham Combination Coupes remain in existence. This one is equipped with a 350ci GM crate engine.

“Most Grahams were four door models but demand drove the company to chop the body to a two door coupe.  18,000 Grahams were sold yet in total for 1939,1940 & 1941 only 8,000 were sold. Even though the car was competitively priced with Buick, Oldsmobile and Packard (the 1940 Graham cost $ 940) the public didn’t buy them. Automobile production ended in 1947 when all the stock was sold to Kaiser-Frazer. Only about 20 remain today; it is rarer than the also ‘ahead of it’s time’ Tucker.”

1939-graham-resto-rod-1 1939-graham-resto-rod-2 1939-graham-resto-rod-3

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