2013 “Plymouth” Superbird


2013 “Plymouth” Superbird for sale!

This 2013 “Plymouth” Superbird is a re-purposed 2013 Challenger equipped with all of the ingredients from HPP to create what would have been Plymouth’s super car if they were around today. Find it for sale from Gateway Classic Cars in Orlando, Florida. See Video!

According to the dealership: “Starting its life as a 2013 Challenger, this canvas was already well equipped with leather, A/C, power windows, power brakes, keyless entry, keyless start, AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth, tip tronic transmission, and loads of other accessories. Add HPP’s Superbird front end conversion, 3 piece rear wing, and side vents for a truly one of a kind vehicle that garners attention wherever it goes. All of the badges on this challenger have been replaced with Plymouth and Superbird specific logos, decals, etc, to really give it that factory authentic look. Powering this neo classic bird is powered by the efficient 3.6L V6 that, while even being a 6 cylinder, is packing a very surprising 305 horsepower.”

2013-"Plymouth"-Superbird  2013-"Plymouth"-Superbird  2013-"Plymouth"-Superbird

This 2013 “Plymouth” Superbird was a standout among the Late Model Sports Car listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Late Model Sports Cars for sale. Or check out the Late Model Sports Car Section of the Cars On Line website for hundreds more for sale.

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