2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider Exotic Supercar

2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider

When it comes to exotic supercars you have to consider that Lamborghini created the mold and Ferrari has grown into the largest manufacturer. But those two names have gotten some competition if only on a smaller scale. McLaren stopped producing street driven cars under their own production in 1998. But in 2012 they made a comeback with their sensational McLaren MP4-12C. This is a car that is born and bred as a race car but fully designed for street use. It is without a doubt one of the fastest cars in the world.

This week Exotic Classics.com, a high end gallery of the world’s finest cars, posted this 2014 McLaren MP4-12C Spider exotic supercar for sale in the Cars On Line.com Exotic Car Section. They told us they were proud to present this exciting 12C Spider featured in McLaren Orange with black full leather interior. The McLaren MP4-12C is the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren since the McLaren F1. The 12Cs final design was unveiled in September 2009, and production was launched in mid-2011. A year later, in 2013 McLaren introduced the 12C Spider version.

One of the things that will surprise you about the McLaren 12C Spider is its polite road manners.  In “normal” mode, the chassis skims the road smoothly. Most sports cars do not afford the comfortable ride that the McLaren renders in “normal mode.” It has been praised for its “luxury ride,” notably the soft smooth shifts from the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission

Switch to “sport” or “track” settings, though, and the McLaren exhibits its Mr. Hyde side. It turns into an F1 inspired road warrior with no Turbo lag. Experts have timed the McLaren 12C Spider doing 1 to 60 mph in just over three seconds. The 12C Spider holds deep into corners with a precise control and holds the road gently enough for any driver to handle.  That is mostly because of the 12C’s brake system which applies brakes automatically to keep the car on a steady trajectory.

The MP4-12C features a carbon fiber composite chassis, and is powered by a mid-mounted McLaren M838T 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo engine developing 616 HP and around 443 lbft of torque. The 12C employs much Formula 1-sourced technology such as “brake steer” where the inside rear wheel is braked during fast cornering to reduce understeer. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a seven-speed seamless shift dual-clutch gearbox.

This stunning 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider had a MSRP of $316,520 which included $50,000 in factory options. These options include:
Carbon fiber interior accents, sill panels, turning vanes, and engine covers
Power heated memory seats
Full leather
Lightweight forged wheels with stealth finish
Iris 2.0 upgrade with satellite navigation
Meridian surround sound system
Vehicle lifter Parking sensors front and rear
McLaren Orange optional paint
Stealth pack Sport exhaust
Orange brake calibers

“This is a one-owner car that has been cherished from new,” they report.  It has covered only 5,385 miles and never been damaged. There is remaining factory warranty until December 31, 2016. The owner added front and rear dashcams, a radar detection system, and sliding hideaway front license plate mount. Also included is a brand-new indoor car cover and the special lithium ion battery tender. The new owner will enjoy thrilling performance now and this car may follow in the F1s footsteps as a future collectible.

One observer noted: “They’ll know its awesome; they’ll know its exotic, but they won’t know what it is.” But you will. That’s the mystique of the McLaren.  See for yourself by viewing this video done by Autoguide.com:



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